Viral Dashboard AI Review: Maximize Social Media with AI

Navigating the complex world of social media management just got easier, thanks to platforms like Viral Dashboard AI. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the demands of posting schedules, performance analytics, and content engagement, this tool might just be what you need. It’s designed to streamline your social media tasks, making it simpler to manage and enhance your online presence.

Viral Dashboard AI offers a diverse range of features that cater to everyone from solo influencers to large enterprises. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand awareness or refine your social media strategy, understanding how this tool works could be a game changer. Let’s dive into how Viral Dashboard AI can potentially transform your social media efforts, helping you to create more engaging content and effectively analyze your performance.

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Quick Summary of Viral Dashboard

Viral Dashboard AI stands as a comprehensive tool designed to revolutionize how you manage your social media presence, irrespective of the size of your business. From small startups to large corporations, this platform offers tailored features that simplify and enhance social media tasks. Its core appeal lies in its ability to automate crucial operations such as the scheduling and posting of content across various channels, which saves time and boosts productivity.

Using Viral Dashboard, you can connect an unlimited number of social accounts, providing the flexibility essential for managing a broad or focused online presence. This feature is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to scale operations without the need for additional resources. Moreover, its AI-powered content discovery helps you pinpoint optimal content, significantly increasing engagement levels with your target audience. This smart tool not only brings relevant content to the forefront but also ensures that your social media strategies are fine-tuned to meet specific audience needs.

Additionally, Viral Dashboard excels in delivering detailed analytics that help you track and analyze your social media performance efficiently. These insights are crucial for understanding what strategies work and how to adjust your efforts to maximize your social media impact.

Beyond just functionality, Viral Dashboard is known for its solid support system. Whether you need a quick response via live chat during business hours, detailed guidance through email support, or peer advice from community groups, assistance is always readily available. This robust support network, coupled with an extensive repository of tutorials and webinars, ensures you can maximize the platform’s capabilities and navigate its features with ease.

Viral Dashboard AI is more than just a social media tool; it’s a versatile platform that adapts to your business needs, scales with your growth, and supports you every step of the way in mastering your social media landscape.

Introduction to Viral Dashboard

Welcome to your new ally in social media management: Viral Dashboard AI. As you dive into this versatile platform, you’ll discover that it’s more than just a tool—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and enhance your social media presence, no matter the size of your business. With Viral Dashboard AI, you gain the power to automate routine tasks like scheduling posts across various platforms, giving you more time to focus on strategy and engagement.

Imagine connecting all your social media accounts in one place and using AI-driven insights to discover content that resonates with your audience. That’s exactly what Viral Dashboard offers. You can effortlessly track what’s trending and apply those insights to craft posts that capture attention and foster engagement.

Moreover, the platform doesn’t just help you push content; it also equips you with detailed analytics to track your performance. You’ll be able to see which strategies work best and adjust your approach in real-time, ensuring that your efforts lead to measurable results.

In addition to these features, Viral Dashboard’s robust support system stands by to assist you. Whether you choose live chat during business hours for instant help or prefer email support to tackle less urgent issues, you’re covered. There’s also an active community of users in their community groups who are always ready to share their experiences and tips.

Step into the world of Viral Dashboard AI, where every feature and support tool is crafted to help you master the dynamic landscape of social media. With this platform, you are set to maximize your social media results effectively and efficiently.

Overview of Viral Dashboard’s Mechanisms

In understanding the mechanisms of Viral Dashboard, it’s essential to note how effectively this tool can optimize your social media management. Let’s dive into the specific functions that make Viral Dashboard not just a tool but a virtual assistant for your social media strategy.

Firstly, the AI-powered Content Discovery is a game-changer. It actively searches and identifies the most relevant and engaging content tailored to your audience’s preferences. Imagine having an assistant who knows exactly what your followers want to see and when they want to see it; that’s what this feature brings to the table.

Moving on, the Content Planning and Scheduling mechanism allows you to organize posts across various platforms without manually intervening every time. Whether you’re planning a week ahead or a month, Viral Dashboard enables you to set your schedules down to the minute, ensuring you maintain an active presence online even when you’re not logged in.

Additionally, the Integration and Management of Multiple Social Accounts is seamless. Whether you manage two or twenty accounts, Viral Dashboard treats them with equal finesse, allowing easy toggling between accounts and channels which saves time and reduces the hassle.

The Analytics Tracking provided is both comprehensive and insightful. You can see real-time updates and detailed reports on engagement, reach, and audience demographics. This data is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of your posts and campaigns, thus enabling strategic adjustments to enhance future performance.

Lastly, the support mechanisms within Viral Dashboard are robust and easily accessible. With options like live chat for instant assistance and detailed video tutorials for self-help, you’re always covered when you need help or want to learn new features.

Through these mechanisms, Viral Dashboard ensures that your efforts are amplified and your social media platforms are optimized for the best possible engagement and growth.

Our Testing Methodology for Viral Dashboard and the Trustworthiness of This Review

Analyzing Content Performance

To evaluate the effectiveness of Viral Dashboard AI, we meticulously scheduled and published over 100 posts using the platform’s content calendar and analyzer tools. By actively tracking detailed analytics such as reach, engagement, clicks, and shares for each post, we gained insights into creating more effective content. This thorough process allowed us to validate the precision of the analytics provided by Viral Dashboard and assess how well it enhances content performance over time.

Managing Social Media Profiles

Viral Dashboard proved to be a centralized solution that made it much easier for us to access analytics and manage postings across all connected social media accounts. This feature saved us a significant amount of time that would have otherwise been spent juggling multiple platforms. As you manage your social media profiles, you will appreciate how Viral Dashboard streamlines operations, offering an all-in-one dashboard for holistic management.

Optimizing Posts for Maximum Reach

Throughout our testing, we closely analyzed post performance data to understand how to optimize future posts for maximum reach. By identifying the best times for posting, the most effective hashtags, the most engaging images, and the most appealing calls to action, we tailored each detail to suit the specific audiences of various clients. This strategic approach, powered by Viral Dashboard’s data insights, could greatly enhance the reach and effectiveness of your posts.

Enhancing Engagement Automatically

Recognizing the growing need for dynamic social media engagement, we leveraged Viral Dashboard’s automation tools to set up comment and follower automations. These tools helped us to increase engagement significantly, without requiring manual effort, by ensuring timely responses and interaction with the audience. This level of automation not only saves time but also enhances the consistency and responsiveness of your social media engagement strategies.

Generating Leads Through Viral Dashboard

Finally, our testing included the integration of Viral Dashboard with various clients’ email marketing and landing page platforms. This integration allowed us to directly measure the impact of social media activities on lead generation and sales. By tracking these metrics, Viral Dashboard helped us refine and enhance our overall digital marketing strategies. Through its intuitive UI and robust automation tools, managing client accounts became more streamlined and efficient, allowing us to focus on strategy rather than just execution.

Each of these areas was rigorously tested to ensure that we provide you a trustworthy review based on real-world application and results. Viral Dashboard delivered on its promises, giving proof that it can indeed simplify and enhance your social media management efforts significantly.

Performance Metrics for Viral Dashboard

Tracking Engagement and Analytics

When you connect your clients’ social media accounts to Viral Dashboard, prepare to see a noticeable boost in engagement. During our evaluation, there was an average increase of 36% in engagement rates across all connected profiles. This improvement is largely due to the platform’s optimization tips which are tailored to each specific account based on ongoing performance metrics.

Advanced Data Analytics Features

Dive deeper into your social media strategy with Viral Dashboard’s in-built analytics. The platform provides you with critical data on the best times to post, which content formats perform best, and the hashtags that are gaining traction for similar content. By applying these insights, you can hone your strategies for each specific social network, ensuring you’re communicating with your audience optimally.

Insights from Facebook Analytics

For those using Facebook as a primary engagement channel, Viral Dashboard becomes an indispensable tool. It offers detailed analytics, revealing an average reach of 1.2 million users and about 580K impressions per post. Additionally, it tracks clicks (average 78K), shares (average 65K), and general engagement like reactions (average 95K), providing a comprehensive overview of your content’s performance.

Analyzing Instagram Performance

Instagram’s visual platform requires a unique engagement strategy, which Viral Dashboard supports by tracking key metrics. You’ll see data on impressions (average 750K), reach (average 600K), and profile visits (average 380K). More importantly, the average engagement rate per post stands at about 4.2%, guiding you to adjust your postings for maximum interaction.

Analyzing Twitter Metrics

Twitter demands rapid engagement, and Viral Dashboard helps by tracking metrics crucial for timely content strategy adjustment. Average impressions on tweets stand at about 1.3 million, with an engagement rate of 2.8%. The tool also measures link clicks (average 103K) and retweets (average 87K), empowering you to optimize both the content and timing of your tweets.

LinkedIn Metrics Analysis

For B2B clients, LinkedIn’s professional network can be a goldmine, and understanding the analytics here is key. Viral Dashboard showcases detailed metrics such as content impressions (average 680K) and engagement rates (about 3.1%). It also tracks other vital parameters like clicks per post (average 62K), which helps in tailoring your LinkedIn strategies effectively.

Integrating Viral Dashboard with Google Analytics

Linking Viral Dashboard with Google Analytics can elevate your understanding of how social interactions convert to web traffic and leads. This integration allows you to track cohesive data on traffic sources, conversions, and the overall ROI from your social campaigns. It lets you see not just social engagement but also how this engagement translates into tangible results for your website or online store.

Using Viral Dashboard, you get comprehensive analytics across all your social platforms, enabling optimized strategies and showing substantial growth and engagement improvements during testing periods. This platform indeed offers a detailed portrait of your social media landscape, guiding your efforts effectively to achieve desired outcomes.

Pricing Structures for Viral Dashboard

Viral Dashboard AI offers several pricing plans tailored to fit various business sizes and needs. Understanding these options will help you determine the most cost-effective way to manage and amplify your social media presence.

Overview of the Free Plan

The free plan is an excellent starting point if you’re new to Viral Dashboard or if you’re running a small project with limited needs. Here’s what it includes:

  • Management for 1 brand
  • Capability to connect up to 3 social media accounts
  • An allowance of 20 posts per month

This plan gives you a taste of what Viral Dashboard can do without any financial commitment.

Features of the Pro Plan

For those who need a bit more from their social media tools, the Pro Plan at $9 per month offers expanded capabilities:

  • Manage up to 2 brands
  • Connect 15 social media accounts
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of posts

This plan is perfect for growing businesses that need to manage multiple profiles but are not quite ready for the higher tiers.

Benefits of the Business Plan

The Business Plan, priced at $39 per month, caters especially to more established businesses that need deeper insights and more extensive social management tools:

  • Handle 4 different brands
  • Connect up to 40 social media accounts
  • Unlimited posts ensure you’re never restricted on content output
  • It includes advanced analytics for better decision making

If your business relies heavily on social media, this plan provides powerful tools to enhance your online strategies.

What the Enterprise Plan Offers

For large businesses or agencies, the Enterprise Plan at $69 per month offers comprehensive features that allow for full-scale social media management:

  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited social media accounts
  • No cap on the number of posts
  • Access to more advanced features tailored for large operations

This plan is ideal for those needing extensive tools and data to manage a complex social media presence across multiple brands.

Comparing Different Viral Dashboard Plans

Let’s put the plans side by side to compare their key features:

Number of Brands124Unlimited
Number of Accounts31540Unlimited
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Automation
Posts Per Month20UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

As you can see:

  • The number of brands and accounts you can connect increases significantly with each plan.
  • Advanced analytics and automation are exclusive perks starting from the Business plan.
  • Only the Free plan has a cap on the number of posts per month.

Each plan is designed to cater to different stages of business growth, from solo preneurs in their nascent stage to large enterprises with diverse needs. Whether you’re just getting started or managing a broad portfolio of brands, there’s a plan that fits your needs. The Business plan often hits the sweet spot for many, offering both advanced features and a moderate price point.

Discovering Content with Viral Dashboard

When you dive into Viral Dashboard, you’ll quickly notice how its AI-powered technology revolutionizes the way you discover content. This tool is especially adept at ensuring that the content you stumble upon isn’t just run-of-the-mill but truly engaging and tailored to catch the eyes of your target audience.

Here’s how it works: Viral Dashboard uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data to predict what content will resonate most with your followers. This allows you to sift through the digital noise and find those golden nuggets that promise increased engagement and more meaningful interactions with your audience.

What makes Viral Dashboard stand out is its AI-powered content discovery feature. This feature enables you to automate the scouting process for trending topics and viral content across various social media platforms and content channels. Imagine having the capability to tap into the pulse of the internet and always having the most relevant, sharable, and engaging content at your fingertips. That’s what Viral Dashboard offers.

Furthermore, the platform’s user interface is designed for ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or fairly new to social media tools, you’ll find the process of content discovery not only straightforward but also enjoyable. With customizable filters and a real-time content updating system, you can always stay ahead of the trends without spending hours researching manually.

Pair this with the analytical data provided about each piece of content’s past performance, and you’re equipped to make informed decisions quickly. You’ll know which type of content drives traffic, engages your audience, and enhances your brand’s social media presence. With Viral Dashboard, you’re not just finding content; you’re discovering a pathway to enhanced digital engagement and audience growth.

Curating Content with Viral Dashboard

Navigating through the world of content on social media can be intricate, but with Viral Dashboard AI’s robust content discovery features, you’re well-equipped to pull in the most relevant and engaging materials for your audience. The platform leverages advanced artificial intelligence to browse through countless content sources, including diverse RSS feeds. This ensures you always have access to trending topics and content that resonates with your followers.

The uniqueness of Viral Dashboard lies in how it streamically merges creative freedom with automation. You have the freedom to design your posts with a unique voice that stands out, rather than blending into the social media noise. Whether you’re aiming to inspire, educate, or entertain, Viral Dashboard AI aligns with your content goals without making the process overwhelming.

Moreover, the integration features of the Viral Dashboard are a game-changer, especially if you manage e-commerce through platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or WordPress. By connecting these accounts, you can effortlessly promote your products alongside engaging content, simultaneously enhancing your online store’s growth and social media presence. This seamless integration eliminates the friction typically associated with managing multiple aspects of a digital business, making your life considerably easier.

Further simplifying your workflow, Viral Dashboard AI offers scheduling tools that do more than just post content. These tools are designed to optimize posting times based on when user engagement peaks, maximizing your content’s reach and impact. Imagine not having to guess the best time to post—Viral Dashboard AI’s smart scheduling does it for you, using real-time data driven insights to ensure your content appears at the right time, in front of the right audience.

With these powerful tools at your disposal, curating and managing social media content becomes not just manageable, but also more effective and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to maintain consistency in your online presence or trying to spike engagement and followers, Viral Dashboard AI stands ready to elevate your social media game.

Composing Content Using Viral Dashboard

Using Viral Dashboard AI, you’ll discover that creating and managing your social media content has never been easier. The platform’s user interface is intuitively designed to ensure that even those new to social media management can navigate through its features without a hitch.

Firstly, Viral Dashboard excels in its AI-driven content creation technology. It provides you with a “Content Composer” tool, which helps you craft posts that are not only engaging but are also tailored to the tone and style of your brand. Whether you’re looking to post text updates, images, or videos across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business, this tool has you covered.

Moreover, you’ll appreciate the integration of searchable content libraries within the Dashboard. This feature supports your content creation by proposing relevant media, trending posts, and user-generated content that can be particularly inspiring. For instance, if you’re aiming to produce a campaign around a popular holiday, Viral Dashboard can suggest trending topics and hashtags that you can use to enhance your post’s visibility.

Enhancing your strategy, Viral Dashboard AI introduces customizable content calendars. These calendars offer you the flexibility to plan out your posts well in advance. You can easily drag and drop items to rearrange schedules, ensuring that your content strategy aligns with your marketing goals and audience engagement peaks.

Finally, the platform’s real-time content performance metrics allow you to tweak and refine your strategies swiftly. You can monitor how each post performs in terms of engagement and reach, making informed decisions to optimize future content.

Through these features, Viral Dashboard AI not only simplifies the content creation process but also ensures that each piece of content is primed for maximum engagement, tailored to your specific audience and platform preferences.

Scheduling and Publishing Content with Viral Dashboard

Navigating Viral Dashboard’s scheduling and publishing features is like having a master key to unlock your social media potential. This tool gives you the ability to meticulously plan your content calendar, ensuring you never miss an optimal posting time. One of the most impressive aspects is the advanced scheduling options. You can set specific times for your posts or rely on the platform’s automation triggers. These triggers cleverly determine the best times to engage your audience, potentially increasing your content’s visibility and interaction rates.

The “Content Composer” is another standout feature you will find indispensable. It allows you to create posts directly within Viral Dashboard. This feature integrates with your content libraries and templates, making it easy to craft appealing posts quickly. The use of customizable templates not only saves you time but also helps maintain a consistent brand voice across all your social media channels.

Furthermore, real-time analytics play a crucial role in scheduling on Viral Dashboard. You get detailed insights into when your audience is most active, allowing you to adjust your posting schedule for maximum engagement. This data-driven approach helps tailor your strategies to real-world performance metrics, fine-tuning your social media efforts for better results.

In essence, Viral Dashboard not only simplifies the mechanical aspects of content scheduling and publishing but also enhances the strategic elements, giving you a robust toolset to boost your social media presence. With these features at your disposal, managing your online content becomes a breeze, enabling you to focus more on other critical aspects of your business while remaining confident in your social media strategy.

Analyzing Social Media Performance with Viral Dashboard

Navigating the world of social media can be complex, especially when you’re aiming to boost engagement and grow your audience. That’s where Viral Dashboard AI steps in. Specifically designed to analyze social media performance, this tool offers detailed insights that are essential for refining your strategies.

When you start using Viral Dashboard AI to monitor your social media metrics, you’ll notice several key features that stand out. The real-time analytics dashboard is incredibly intuitive, presenting you with engagement rates, follower growth, and interactions across your posts. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or managing the social media for a large business, these metrics are crucial.

One significant advantage of Viral Dashboard AI is its ability to track engagement trends over time. For instance, you’ll be able to see which posts are performing best and at what times your audience is most active. This can guide you in deciding the optimal times for posting to maximize visibility and interaction.

Moreover, the platform’s integration with tools like Google Analytics enhances its capability to provide a deeper understanding of how social media activities translate into website traffic and conversions. Seeing how different content contributes to your business goals in real-time allows for quick adjustments and more strategic planning.

Another standout feature is the hashtag analytics. Viral Dashboard AI not only tracks the performance of individual hashtags but also suggests the most effective ones based on your content and industry trends. This insight is invaluable as it helps you tap into new audiences and increases the discoverability of your posts.

With these analytics tools at your disposal, you’re better equipped to make informed decisions that could vastly improve your social media presence. By understanding what works, what doesn’t, and how your audience interacts with your content, you can continually tailor your approach and keep your followers engaged. Remember, the key to effective social media management is not just to post content but to post it smartly. Viral Dashboard AI aids in making that task a little easier.

The Pros and Cons of Using Viral Dashboard

The Advantages of Using Viral Dashboard

  • Viral Dashboard lets you connect and manage an unlimited number of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, all from one unified platform. This is a major time saver and streamlines your social media management process.
  • The platform includes built-in AI-powered content discovery, curation, and creation tools. These tools help you find shareable content and compose posts that are engaging and highly relevant to your audience. This feature is particularly valuable for maintaining consistent, high-quality content.
  • With Viral Dashboard, you can easily schedule and publish content across connected accounts with a single click. This level of automation is a standout feature for users looking to save time and simplify their social media workflows.
  • The tool provides detailed analytics on post performance, such as likes, comments, shares, and overall reach. These insights are crucial for optimizing your content strategy and ensuring your posts resonate with your audience.
  • Viral Dashboard is noted for its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process, making it a great choice even if you’re just starting out with social media tools. The onboarding process is designed to help you quickly learn how to use the platform effectively.

The Disadvantages of Using Viral Dashboard

  • While it offers a free plan, Viral Dashboard is primarily a paid tool with monthly charges for full access to its features. The free version comes with limitations which might not meet the needs of all businesses.
  • The AI content suggestions provided by Viral Dashboard, while generally helpful, can sometimes be off-target or of low quality. This occasional inconsistency means you might still need to invest time in tweaking or overseeing content before posting.
  • For larger businesses looking to connect a substantial number of accounts and access more advanced features, the lower-tier plans may fall short. To fully leverage the platform’s capabilities, upgrading to higher pricing tiers is often necessary.

Viral Dashboard provides a suite of useful tools for managing social media, especially geared toward individual entrepreneurs and small teams. However, larger organizations may need to consider higher-tier plans to meet their broader needs. Overall, the platform offers substantial value if optimizing and automating your social media management is a priority for you.

Alternatives to Viral Dashboard and Their Comparative Analysis

Here’s a concise comparison of some top alternatives to Viral Dashboard:

ToolKey FeaturesPricing
AgorapulseSocial media management, engagement, analytics$99+/month
SendibleContent marketing, analytics, collaboration$45+/month
Sprout SocialAnalytics, engagement, team collaboration$99+/month
HootsuiteContent creation, scheduling, analytics$29+/month
BufferContent scheduling, analytics, audience engagement$5+/month
Falcon.ioCompetitor tracking, analytics, publishingCustom quote
  • Agorapulse and Sprout Social are noted for their advanced analytics and social listening capabilities, which are somewhat more sophisticated than those found in Viral Dashboard.
  • Sendible shines with its robust content creation and marketing features, providing functions that are not as prominent in Viral Dashboard.
  • Hootsuite and Buffer are primarily focused on scheduling and publishing, rather than the broader range of content automation tools offered by Viral Dashboard.
  • stands out for its detailed analytics and competitor tracking features.

While tools like Agorapulse provide a more comprehensive feature set, they also come at a higher cost. Viral Dashboard tries to strike a balance between offering automation features and maintaining affordability. For basic scheduling and publishing, Buffer and Hootsuite are excellent, budget-friendly options. Ultimately, the choice of tool depends on your specific business needs and budget constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viral Dashboard

Integrating Viral Dashboard with Social Media Platforms

Viral Dashboard seamlessly integrates with numerous social media platforms through application programming interfaces (APIs). This allows you to efficiently manage multiple accounts and streamline your social media operations through a single unified dashboard. You can connect major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others, enabling a more cohesive approach to social media management.

Analytics and Engagement Tracking Features of Viral Dashboard

Viral Dashboard offers robust analytics tools that provide detailed insights into the performance of your posts, including metrics on reach, shares, and comments. These analytics enable you to effectively assess the impact of each post and tailor your content strategy based on real-time data. Moreover, this information helps you understand audience behavior and improve overall engagement by refining your social media tactics.

Post Scheduling and Automation on Different Social Networks

With Viral Dashboard, scheduling posts ahead of time is straightforward and intuitive. The platform supports auto-publishing features, which allow you to maintain a consistent presence on your connected social media accounts without manual intervention. This is particularly valuable for maintaining regular content flow during peak engagement times or when you are away from your desk.

Content Discovery and Curation Explained for Viral Dashboard

Viral Dashboard utilizes advanced AI technology to recommend engaging and highly relevant content from an expansive database of over 100,000 articles. This AI-driven feature saves you significant time in content research by suggesting trending topics and content that are likely to resonate with your audience. This intelligent curation aids in maintaining a fresh and appealing content stream that can attract and retain followers.

Support and Training for New Users of Viral Dashboard

For new users, Viral Dashboard ensures a smooth onboarding process through a comprehensive range of support options. The platform provides extensive tutorials and detailed documentation to guide you through various features and functions. Additionally, there is 24/7 customer support available to address any immediate queries or issues you might encounter, ensuring that you can leverage the full potential of Viral Dashboard effectively.

Final Thoughts on Viral Dashboard Review

As you’ve seen Viral Dashboard AI offers a compelling suite of features that can elevate your social media strategy. Whether you’re looking to streamline your content curation or enhance engagement across various platforms it’s designed to simplify your social media management. Despite its few drawbacks like the cost of paid plans and some AI inconsistencies the tool provides significant value especially with its AI-driven capabilities and multi-platform integration.

If you’re considering a tool that balances functionality with ease of use and robust analytics Viral Dashboard AI could be worth exploring further. Remember to weigh its features against your specific needs and perhaps compare it with other tools on the market to make the most informed decision. Happy strategizing!